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An exciting moment in our history - South Dakota Rural Enterprise, Inc. 2007 Winter Report
FROM THE CHAIR by Linda Salmonson

I am proud to be the incoming chair of South Dakota Rural Enterprise at this exciting moment in the history of this organization. Never before, in over a decade of service to South Dakota, has Rural Enterprise been poised to do more for the entrepreneurs, development organizations and communities of this state.

FROM THE CHAIR, Linda SalmonsonThis is actually my second time as chair of our organization. I occupied the chair during a time when we, as an active intermediary group, refocused to offer programs for Revolving Loan Funds and community development organizations around the state.

During those intervening years, the programs, services and resources offered by South Dakota Rural Enterprise have grown exponentially. Where we originally saw a mission of aiding smaller communities throughout South Dakota, today we work with cities from Aberdeen to Hot Springs and every size of community in between. There was a time when we were perceived as primarily providing access to capital, but that, too, has changed with the advent of vital training programs, leadership development through LeadershipPlenty South Dakota, and the evolution of entrepreneurship encouragement through our new and very exciting micro-enterprise project.

South Dakota Rural Enterprise is also a vibrant voice for community development advocacy. This organization should be credited with providing focus in community development, leadership training and flexibility in access to capital. We understand, as so many community leaders now do, that gardening, the economic development strategy of growing our own and nurturing local companies and entrepreneurs, offers so much more success than hunting for that magic “big deal” that will take care of all our economic development dreams.

One of the most exciting things that is happening, thanks to South Dakota Rural Enterprise, is that communities of all sizes in our state are looking farther into their futures than next year. Those communities, and their far-sighted leaders, are ready to focus on what’s going to really make a difference. Part of that energy comes from the variety and scope of SD Rural Enterprise capital products like the South Dakota Community Capital Fund. Capital is more than money—it’s attitude. When you have available capital, you have a can-do attitude that makes things happen.

We believe that SD Rural Enterprise is about making things happen. We’re about providing resources of all kinds to grow community opportunity. Knowing that multiple resources are available is empowering—and that’s why I am excited to be working with an organization and a board like ours. Because we are working together to enhance opportunity, things are happening across South Dakota.

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