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SDCCF - South Dakota Community Capital Fund program information

The South Dakota Community Capital Fund (SDCCF) offers economic development organizations serving greater South Dakota the opportunity to participate in an innovative new development financing resource. Click here to view the SDCCF informational brochure.

SDCCF is designed to leverage local capital into millions of dollars through access to national capital markets. SDCCF participants have the advantage of offering much larger loans than would be possible with limited existing local resources, greater lending flexibility for financing local development projects and significantly lower loan risk - all with the support of a professional fund manager who packages the deal!

Benefits of participation
With a primary goal of supporting business development in participating communities, SDCCF offers flexibility in responding to your local financing needs:

  • Participants are able to originate loans up to ten times the amount they deposit in the Fund.
  • There is no limit on the number of loans that a participant can originate through SDCCF.
  • The originating SDCCF participant significantly reduces their loan loss risk.
  • An experienced lending professional works closely with participants, prospective borrowers and participating lenders.
  • SDREI staff prepares all documents for loan closings and negotiates the sale of participant-originated loans to the secondary market.
  • SDREI staff handles all the paperwork and report filings that may be required, which allows participants to focus time and energy on their local development projects.
  • Participants have access to the technical assistance and expertise available from SDREI to support local development financing activities.
  • SDCCF participants are part of a statewide economic development network that offers practicing professionals the opportunity to share information and learn from the experience of their peers.
  • Other innovative financing resources and programs are also being explored for our participants, in keeping with the SDREI community development mission.

Eligible participants
Participation is open to non-profit and for-profit economic development organizations, development-oriented venture funds, public charity and private foundations involved in economic development activities within the state of South Dakota and other public and private organizations with an interest in supporting the purposes of SDREI.

Choose your own participation level
SDCCF welcomes communities and development organizations of all sizes to participate in the Fund. Simply choose the participation level (minimum deposit of $25,000, maximum deposit of $100,000) that best fits your organizational needs and enjoy the incredible 10-to-1 leveraging of funds offered to participants at every participation level.

Loan structure
Every attempt is made to structure SDCCF loans to best meet the needs of our participants, the borrowers, other participating lenders and the community. One of the primary considerations for our participants as loan terms and conditions are being negotiated is how the secondary market will price the loan for purchase. Click here for more in-depth information on the SDCCF loan structure.

Who pays the operating costs?
SDCCF's primary revenue sources are interest earnings on the escrowed funds deposited by SDCCF participants and loan origination fees charged to borrowers. Participants do not pay for the services provided by the fund manager which pertain to the structuring of the SDCCF loans or for any other fund operating costs.

Who manages the Fund?
SDCCF is a program of South Dakota Rural Enterprise, Inc. (SDREI). The SDREI Credit Officer serves as administrative manager under the direction of the SDREI Board of Directors.

Learn more about SDCCF
For more information about becoming a participant of this unique and innovative new rural development financing resource, call and request a copy of the Program Disclosure Statement at (605)978-2804. Click here for the full SDCCF informational brochure.

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Click here for a list of SDCCF participants

Click here to complete a pre-application

Click here to complete a loan application

629 S. Minnesota Ave.
Suite 201
P.O. Box 2282
Sioux Falls, SD

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