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South Dakota Rural Enterprise Opportunity Roundup - leadership is...
Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least.
~ Goethe

The act of making a difference.

The ability to achieve results through people.

Who you are when no one is looking.

Knowing what you’re best at, what brings a light to your eyes, and what you most love to do… and then doing it.

Honoring the greatness – and uniqueness – in others.

Knowing how deep the place is from which life flows.

Connecting every day to your deepest and most enduring values.

Doing whatever it takes to honor your word, care for your family, make a difference through your work, give hope to the people around you.

Experiencing life not by looking in from the rim but front and center.

Making adversity your ally. Greatness is born during tough times and unexpected circumstances.

Knowing that from time to time you have to look backward to see forward.

Excelling instead of competing. No one else has to lose for you to win.

Knowing when to come up for air.

Having an irrational sense of hope.

Being grateful for every genuine effort, act of kindness.

Knowing you’re mostly unused potential and committing to liberating the other 90% of your hidden capacity.

Knowing that every day you have the same number of minutes as Edison, Lincoln, Galileo, Thoreau, King, da Vinci, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Mandela, Einstein.

Aligning your daily efforts with big dreams and great goals.

Glancing farther ahead.

Viewing life as a laboratory instead of a stage. Challenging times are meant to be a test of spirit, not theatrics.

Knowing that the gap between what can be imagined and what can be accomplished has never been smaller.

Learning faster than the world is changing.

Constantly discovering and applying new strengths, talents and passions.

Valuing even the smallest moments of inspiration.

Facing the truth about weaknesses – first in yourself, and second in others – and managing these weaknesses out of the way.

Learning from every stumble and set back. No excuses. No blaming. No defensiveness.

Trusting enough to be trusted.

Having a curious mind, a listening ear, an open heart.

Acknowledging that every day is a battle for control, not of the world around you but of your response to it.

Envisioning how your choices and actions today may influence the next ten years.

Never forgetting from how far back a human being can come and still make a difference.

Knowing that your path has a purpose beyond where it leads.

Knowing that the biggest risk in life is not to risk at all.

Being fun to be around. The way you used to be when you had no money.

Knowing that home is where the great are small and the small are great.

Doing all you can to have the heart of a lion, the skin of a rhino, and the soul of an angel.

Living so that when other people think of integrity, enthusiasm, commitment, and caring they think of you.

Knowing you were born an original, were born to make a difference in the world, can’t play it safe, can’t sit this one out.

The time is now. The leader is you. If not now, when?


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Suite 201
P.O. Box 2282
Sioux Falls, SD

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