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South Dakota Rural Enterprise Opportunity Roundup - College-based economic gardening

Many resources for entrepreneurs are available online. The following list is a sampling of information available. Many of these websites include links to other resources, and some offer free newsletters. While some of these are of local focus, much material is general and can be applied in other regions. For additional information, do an Internet search for “entrepreneur (state name)” and similar keywords.

Network Kansas -
Network Kansas is part of the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship. This website offers regional “Resources for Starting or Growing Your Business” including Resource Navigator, a search tool that helps locate resources to match specific needs. It also includes a Resource Directory, Resource Library, and Portals, or links to additional websites that are helpful to entrepreneurs. Live Chat is also available, along with News and Events, and FAQ’s. Sign up for an e-newsletter.

Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute (KECI) -
The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board developed KECI, a leadership program to diversify the economic of rural Kentucky. The organization identifies and trains coaches to help entrepreneurs. This website provides links to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Innovation Center (IC) and Innovation and Commercialization Centers (ICC). Other information provided includes upcoming conferences, publication and news releases, and links to other resources.

RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship -
Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) is a national research policy center. This site offers companion materials to their book “Energizing Entrepreneurs: Charting a Course for Rural Communities.” Sign up for a free monthly newsletter. Features on this website included Rural E News, Library, E of the Month, Upcoming Trainings, Energizing Young Entrepreneurs, Energizing Entrepreneurs (e2) ( ), Transfer of Wealth Analysis, and Partners: Regional Rural Development Centers (RRDC). North Carol

ina Rural Economic Development Center, Inc. Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship -
This website offers a generalized discussion of rural entrepreneurship, along with a regional focus. Topics include Changing Economy, Changing Perspectives, Defining Entrepreneurship, The Impact of Entrepreneurs and Small Business, What Rural Entrepreneurs Say They Need, and Current Support Systems. There are links to several other resources.

Sage Journals Online -
Sage Journals Online publishes more than 485 journals in Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science, Technology and Medicine. This journal includes articles about business, entrepreneurs and enterprise. Sign up for access to subscriptions and personal tools.

Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) -
The AEO “supports the development of strong and effective US microenterprise initiatives to assist underserved entrepreneurs in starting, stabilizing and expanding businesses.” This site includes information, resources, programs and information on microenterprise. It lists upcoming events and offers a state-by-state media list to assist entrepreneurs in publicity. Sign up for an e-mail newsletter.

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education -
This organization is designed to help teachers and other individuals educate others on finding entrepreneurial opportunities. Includes information related to National Entrepreneurship Week. Included on this website are video resources, newsletters, information about conferences and organizations, free teaching materials, sample programs and information on partnering organizations and leaders in US and worldwide entrepreneurship education. Also available is A Guide to Resources and Models for Entrepreneurship Education.

Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative -
A program of Missouri Rural Development Partners. Access a community assessment survey, and Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative Guidebook. The site also provides a link to contact the University of Missouri Extension for specific answers to related questions.

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship -
The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship is a RUPRI organization. This site features an Entrepreneurial Program of the Month and Upcoming Trainings. Subscribe to Rural e-News. The Rural Eship Library features the Reference Library, Resource Rooms, Book Club, and Center Research areas. Also useful is the Eship Across America directory of resources, available by state selection.

Field Microenterprise Fund for Innovation, Effectiveness, Learning and Dissemination -
A program of the Aspen Institute, Washington, DC. This site includes Highlights, What’s New, Projects, Publications, Statistics and Stories, and a Microenterprise Program Directory. Join the mailing list. “We identify, develop, and disseminate best practices, and educate funders, policy makers and others about microenterprise as an anti-poverty strategy.”

South Dakota Economic Development -
Sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, this website offers specific information for entrepreneurs to get started, including a detailed Business Start-up Packet. Other information includes a SD Resource Directory, Manufacturer’s Directory, Local Development Corporation Directory, and information on financing and incentives, Made in South Dakota program, and licensing. Other information includes state demographics and statistics, along with a 50 state comparison and relocation information and available properties.



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