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South Dakota Rural Enterprise Training Opportunities - Trade Secrets for Development Organizations

Development organizations are CDFIs, revolving loan funds, economic development corporations and other community-based development organizations. These groups, regardless of the size of the community in which they are located, have the greatest opportunity to impact the future vitality of communities through their support of economic development.

TRADE SECRETS for Development Organizations is a series of hands-on, practical training workshops for development organization board members, staff and volunteers, and community leaders interested in business development lending. South Dakota Rural Enterprise is a non-profit, statewide organization that supports the efforts of development organizations by providing capital and leadership resources. The TRADE SECRETS training programs are designed to help staff and board members save time and increase effectiveness.

About the program
TRADE SECRETS for Development Organizations focuses on the lending process, community economic development and board responsibilities. Conducted by experienced trainers, the workshops spotlight expert “best practices” concepts through high-quality resources in true “hands-on” training sessions. This is NOT a lecture class, but concentrated learning experience with immediate practical applications in your community. Packaged in one to three hour sessions, TRADE SECRETS for Development organizations can be delivered on-site for the greater convenience of your organization’s board and staff.

Program advantages

  • Opportunities to analyze current community development strategies.
  • A chance to adjust your course of direction to meet community development needs.
  • Structures to analyze your development organization’s goals, policies and procedures.

Who should schedule these workshops?
Board chairs, economic development corporation leaders or community lending professionals who wish to learn more about the latest strategies for successful development financing, create a strategy for future economic growth and prepare for the future of their communities should schedule on-site sessions of TRADE SECRETS for Development Organizations.

Available training modules
This training program will be customized to meet the needs of YOUR organization and YOUR community. Training modules currently available include

  • The Power and Potential of Development Organizations
    How to maximize the impact of your development organization on community development.
  • Sources and Uses of Development Organization Capital
    Identifies the various kinds of capital available to development organizations and explains how to leverage that capital for maximum community impact.
  • Best Practices for Development Organization Boards of Directors
    Proven tools to help development organization board members become more effective in their leadership roles in not-for-profit financial institutions.
  • Overview of the Lending Process
    From marketing to monitoring—a step-by-step review of the lending process and the roles and responsibilities of staff and board members.
  • Understanding and Evaluating Development Organization Risk
    Explores the different types of risk a development organization must manage in order to be successful.
  • Risk Management Tools
    Practical ways to identify and reduce risk to the level that fits your mission.
  • Loan Policies
    The why, what and how of implementing policies to guide the lending process.
  • Underwriting and Loan Evaluation
    Improve effectiveness and efficiency of the loan review process and loan committee and board decision-making.
  • Technical Assistance
    Beyond capital—an exploration of the role of the development organization to support borrowers and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Trade Secrets for Development Organizations training
For more information or to schedule a session of Trade Secrets for Development Organizations for your community or organization, call us at (605)978-2804.


Strategic Training Seminars for Boards of Directors and staff of
Development Organizations and Economic Development Corporations

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Trade Secrets for Development Organizations training success story

629 S. Minnesota Ave.
Suite 201
P.O. Box 2282
Sioux Falls, SD

ph 605.978.2804

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